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One Million resources
planned and counting...

It's no coincidence that many Fortune 500 companies, and the Big Four accounting firms, rely on Retain every day for staff planning.

Professional services

Accounting, audit and law firms use Retain to schedule their staff. Our most loyal customers in that category have been using Retain Resource Planning for over a decade. Tracking staff skills with Retain Talent Management has also helped keep organisations in this category competitive and responsive to market needs.


Retain is used to generate production schedules for the allocation of physical assets. Machines and floor space in warehouses are planned using Retain in order to use them efficiently and reduce external costs. Retain's versatility and flexibility is on full display with customers in this category.

Public sector

As a self-hosted solution, Retain Resource Planning is used by governmental organisations where security is a primary concern. Our customers in this category appreciate the deep level of control they have in order to satisfy their requirements. Retain is also used by schools and universities to schedule classrooms and faculty.


Agencies rely on Retain Resource Planning to assign creative professionals to projects. Similarly, the use of external freelancers can be anticipated allowing for better visibility of the total cost to their clients. Customers in this category also use Retain Talent Management to manage the portfolio of technical skills available to them.


Our customers in the investment and banking sector rely on Retain every day for scheduling their staff. With in-house control over sensitive client information, these customers enjoy Retain's reliability and scalability. Retain's analytical tools offer unparalleled insights into staff performance and optimisation opportunities.


Easy to install and use, Retain is also relied upon by non-governmental and charity organisations. The minimal upfront cost and quick deployment is ideal for these organisations. Customers in this category - previously relying on spreadsheets - are better able to grow with agility and foresight.

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