When your business is centred around your skilled professionals, it’s crucial they’re working where and when you and your clients need them most.

Which is why we’ve created a cost-effective, next-generation resource management tool, to make it easy for businesses of all sizes to schedule your people and increase billable hours, whether you have a small number of team members or many thousands of employees.

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Quick and easy to setup

Accessible anywhere. Retain Cloud SaaS resource management has everything you need to schedule people effectively, including skills tracking, forecasting, intelligent management information reporting and insightful graphical features.

How Retain Cloud helps

Online resource management from Retain Cloud, SAAS resource management.

A clear picture of your resources

  • Real-time view of bookings by job and resource
  • Instant view of over- and under-allocation
  • View by availability, skill, project, location and much more
  • Analyse information by custom date ranges
  • Holiday & absence tracking
  • Graphical reporting and management dashboards
  • Create tentative and unassigned bookings
Retain Cloud resource management tool and online resource planning software.

Speedy implementation and intuitive so you’re up and running quickly

  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Agile drag and drop functionality
  • Create custom fields relevant to your business
  • Configurable to your specific requirements
  • Create scenario based private and public resource plans
Online resource planning software for online resource management.

Effectively manage and retain your talent

  • Create specific skill profiles for different engagements
  • Empower your Employees with automated skill suggestions
  • Create employee talent profiles

Online resource planning software for easy online resource management. Agile Planning Wallchart View

The days of laborious planning on a spreadsheet are over. Introducing your new way of working with Retain’s online resource management tool.

How does it work?

Transform your resource planning with the agile planning view which enables you to instantly see who is working on each project in real-time for the weeks and months ahead. Plan bookings against a resource, or place bookings in an unassigned area for future allocation to give a view of supply and demand based on confirmed and potential projects.

What can it do for your business?

Being a SaaS resource management tool Retain Cloud improves visibility of available resources, Retain Cloud can increase utilisation rates across your organisation by an average of 5%.

Saving time and effort, the graphical view lets you instantly see gaps in utilisation and overbookings, reducing the risk of over and under-utilising your team. More efficient online resource management means you have the optimum allocation of people on your project, often resulting in faster project completion times, allowing you to recognise revenue sooner.

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Online resource planning software to improve efficiencies and management. Talent Management

Keep track of skills and key employee information to empower your people.

How does it work?

Enable your people to build profiles of themselves, citing their personal details, skills and capabilities. These profiles can then be shared and accessed by colleagues with appropriate permission and the resource data will transfer over to the wallchart when making bookings.

What can it do for your business?

Agile online resource planning software means staffing managers can plan not only according to who has capacity, but also whose skills best align with the overall requirements of the project thus creating an optimum planning schedule whilst ensuring work assignments are fairly disbursed. By matching the best-skilled or experienced people to a project, you’ll not only satisfy and exceed your client’s expectations, but you’ll also foster a motivated, engaged and retained workforce.

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High level resource planning tool for online resource management. Project View

Create personalised views of all the relevant jobs you need to monitor in one click.

How does it work?

Retain Cloud online resource planning software gives you a high-level overview of each job, enabling you to filter your view to focus on jobs relevant to you. Easily switch between viewing by job or by resource, to see a real time view of allocation against either requirement.

What can it do for your business?

Job planning will be more efficient with Retain Cloud’s online resource planning features, freeing up management time and giving you greater visibility across your entire organisation. The job view allows for project-focused planning with the ability to drill down into job details to ensure jobs stay on track and remain profitable.

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Detailed reporting from Retain Cloud online resource planning software. Reporting

With powerful visual reporting at your fingertips you have insights into key resource information such as availability vs utilisation, planned vs budget and resource financial tracking.

How does it work?

Generate Power BI reports on resource and job data to create crucial resource management information for executive governance. These are available as customisable dashboard reports for you to create the views you’re interested in.

What can it do for your business?

The fully flexible visual reporting suite allows you to interrogate your data, make informed business decisions, providing the whole picture of your resourcing and projects, including availability vs utilisation and project breakdown.

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Configurable resource planning tool for online resource management. Flexible Configuration & Permissions

Getting started with Retain Cloud online resource planning software couldn’t be easier - simply set up your application with the user-friendly settings suite.

How does it work?

Designed with the end user in mind, Retain Cloud is a highly intuitive and user-friendly online resource management tool, right from the initial configuration and security permissions. Match your organisation’s hierarchy and visibility requirements through granular security and access controls and personalise the system to work for your business: assign easy to identify colour schemes, set up user profiles, import data or sync with other systems.

What can it do for your business?

The user-friendly configuration means that you’re up and running quickly without wasting precious time on upskilling. Being able to set role-based user permissions ensures only appropriate personnel can see the relevant information, securing sensitive data and keeping all your information in one place.

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With over 20 years' experience, we've helped hundreds of organisations achieve success.

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