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Intuitive Resource Management Software from Retain

Retain is focused on the planning of a company’s key asset: staff. Being the main operating cost but at the same time the main source of revenue, how they are planned is paramount.

Designed for mid-enterprise level organisations, our software helps organisations to effectively manage and plan resource allocation, optimise staff utilisation and manage costs - saving millions of pounds in the process

Retains workforce planning software combines project planning software and cloud planning software for effective resource management.

How can Retain improve your resource planning management?

  • Find the right resource, with the right skills, at the right time using Retain’s consolidated, editable and graphical database (Wallchart).
  • Retain provides an easy-to-use interface with clear visibility of projects, tasks, jobs and engagements. Users can view data across individuals, departments, geographies and more, breaking down organisational silos
  • Users can proactively manage staff utilisation levels, ensuring an even spread of work allocation for all staff across the organisation
  • Identification of conflicts: Users can easily identify and resolve over-allocation on projects using simple drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Create “Ghost bookings” to tentatively allocate resources to projects and opportunities in order view the impact on resourcing
  • Auto-schedule resources against projects: Immediately allocate resources when a project is confirmed or when the right resource against a project is identified.
  • Expedite the creation of your ideal team: Users can share profiles and allocate suitable resources to projects. Save time by cloning requests and split requests. View requests across date ranges, and the status of requests.
  • Flexible interface: users can create their own customised views to suit their needs and preferences
  • Accurately forecast future demand and capacity levels to manage resource requirements as projects change
  • Visibility into future capacity to quickly shuffle and re-allocate resources as new projects and opportunities arise.

Retain’s resource planning software is underpinned by a robust, visual reporting suite for crucial executive governance around such areas as utilisation and availability, planned time vs budget time, revenue/cost and overall supply and demand.

Retain is focused on optimising efficiencies with a view to increase staff/billable utilisation. This in turn contributes to the opportunity to maximise profitability.

Retain’s online calendar planning software can be utilised as a Microsoft windows platform, a web application, or both. The Retain resource allocation mobile app also provides live access to time scheduling information on the go using a smartphone.

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Since 1992, Retain International has surpassed the resource allocation needs of professional services organisations, industrial manufacturing companies and consulting firms. Today the Retain resource planner is used daily in over 70 countries, ensuring hundreds of businesses are benefitting from optimal resource allocation.

Fundamental to Retain International's success is the unique practical approach to clients' needs combined with an innovative workforce and the early adoption of the latest technologies.

Retain's resource allocation software is trusted - among others - by the big four accounting institutions on a global scale.

Retain International's clients include:

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