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IT Services and Outsourcing
Resource Management Solutions

Deliver on-time, on-budget IT projects through tighter resource management.

IT projects are, by nature, complex and highly time sensitive. Clients expect projects to be delivered on time and on budget, and the ability to forward-plan resources and teams is critical.

At Retain, we understand the importance of a team being correctly resourced with the best skillset for the job, and fully utilised to ensure the timely delivery of an IT project.

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How can Retain International help?

Some of the many benefits delivered by Retain International’s resource planning solution include:

Better capacity

Capacity visibility and demand forecasting

  • Quicker assignment of IT project resources. With the implementation of resource planning tools, resource assignment can drop from 7 - 5.5 days on average1;
  • Instant visibility into resource capacity and utilisation. Research suggests only 9% of employers believe they have a good understanding of the resource factors that drive performance while only 8% or organisations report they have useable resource data2. With Retain’s Calendar view, users can generate reports regarding capacity analysis for months ahead. Quickly identify resource slack, resource 2. Overutilisation and maximise resource utilisation. Easily shuffle resources when necessary, and adjust costs when changes arise by IT projects.
  • Generate capacity analysis reports for months ahead with the Calendar View. The graphical view enables you to quickly identify resource slack, resource over utilisation and maximise resource utilisation. Easily reallocate resources when necessary, and adjust costs when changes arise by IT projects
  • Take on new work faster, with an instant view of resource availability and identifying the best resources to be allocated from one project to another with Retain Wallchart
  • Simplify searching for suitable resources with the right skills with the Talent profile and Retain’s Skills module.

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Project Reporting & Forecasting

  • Generate forecasts on staff utilisation, staff performance by project or across departments
  • Compare cost vs. revenue between budgeted and planned time, cost and revenue. Retain International integrates with other ERP systems so reporting can be synced across multiple systems.

View Case Study "Cross Country Consulting"

Project Reporting

Change Management

Manage change with ease

  • Users can easily amend any budget forecasts, resource allocation, resource scheduling and better manage recovery rates with Retain Wallchart. Our user-friendly interface allows changes to be made quickly and simply, reducing the stress of project change management.

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Create structured delivery plans

  • Create and manage project budgets and select the right resources to keep you on track throughout your project with the estimate vs costing reports and views.
  • Whatever your role or seniority, Retain enables users to break projects down into manageable chunks and cost each element of work when planning IT projects. Whether you need to forecast the hours or days required from resources, Retain helps ensure that costs don’t exceed the forecasted revenue throughout a project.
  • Seamlessly integrating with major ERP systems and third-party software tools, Retain offers a wide-ranging toolkit that enables users to view and use previous projects as a reference to project plan more accurately for future projects.

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Project Structure

Talent Gap Identification

Talent Management and Talent Gap Identification

  • Research suggests that 57% of HR organisations expect to use more freelancers over the next 10 years3. Retain International’s solution enables users to identify areas for staff development and skills gaps via the Skills module;
  • Pinpoint the right time for training courses with clear visibility of the peaks and troughs in utilisation throughout the organisation.

View Infographic - "Redefining Success"

1 Service Performance Insight September 2017
2 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2017
3 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2017

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  • Cross Country Consulting

    “Retain gives us visibility…we are now able to depict in Wallchart form where all of our consultants are engaged. And when searching for a particular skillset, we can drill down based on availability and level”

    - Planning Manager, Cross Country Consulting

  • SpaceTec

    “Retain International has provided a structured database that can keep track of several pertinent details and information about resources and jobs. It is a very powerful tool”

    - Project Manager, SpaceTec Partners

  • Mazars

    “The use of management time is certainly more efficient. Retain has given both management and resources greater information at their fingertips without having to go look for it”

    - Aedin Morkan, Senior Project Manager, Mazars

  • Huron

    “We were having to manually update spreadsheets prior to Retain. From a time perspective, Retain saves us a huge amount by easily updating projects, running reporting automatically and gives us clear visibility of our employees”

    - Senior Resource Planner, Huron

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