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Combining client feedback, insights into the future of resource planning, and UI and UX specialist input, Retain 7.2 brings organisations a plethora of benefits to drive utilisation and profitability in resource management throughout all of your projects.

Some of the benefits Version 7.2 offers include:

  • More user-friendly and navigable "Wallchart", offering a consolidated view against specific time ranges to support project planning
  • Improved visibility into staff availability and utilisation, quickly identifying who has capacity and where conflicts are occurring
  • An internal job board, "Marketplace" (an add-on module), empowering resources to apply for new roles and develop their skills, to support staff satisfaction and retention
  • The ability for staff to update their profile with skills and interest tags. As a user, this facilitates a more appropriate talent pool to source the right skills at the right time via "People Search"
  • The ability to build your teams faster and more easily with our "Teams" module, expediting the process of closing the gap between resource requirement and fulfilment
  • Connect all your systems and data with our "Retain API".

Retain 7.2 update brochure

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Retain 7.2 update brochure

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