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At Retain, we completely understand the implications that effective forecasting, utilisation levels and talent management have on successful resource planning.

Retain’s new Workforce Analytics Suite, Retain Insight, provides real-time, visualised reports to display overall efficiency and productivity across the business. With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, it’s simple to create, manipulate and interpret data to provide valuable insight for strategic decision-making.

Our self-service reporting suite is ideal for operational, workforce planning and finance teams. It enables users to identify potential business challenges that threaten business efficiency and project deliverability.

Governance and compliance are at the heart of our reporting suite; users are alerted to tailored instances before they happen, by setting customised performance warning alerts.

Retain Insight

Create your own reports
Identify and resolve skills shortages, performance per individual against a project and much more; simply integrate the source of the data with Retain, and the report can be built.

React to revenue opportunities quickly
Quickly identify resources allocated to projects, number of hours they are dedicated to it, and therefore any resource shuffling requirements as project requirements change and new opportunities arise.

With user requirements in mind, Retain Insight enables users to view and edit reports around staff utilisation levels, capacity vs. demand, skills shortages, planned vs. actual comparisons to name a few. Create your own reports aligned to your own business objectives; if the data is there, any report can be built.

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Quickly identify capacity & resource demand requirements

In order to plan for and successfully deliver projects on time with the right resources in place, visibility into future capacity and available talent resource pools is essential. With Retain Insight, gain visibility into resource utilisation, capacity and available talent pools. Data will indicate if the business is operating at optimum efficiency i.e. maximising billable hours against available capacity. Therefore, future revenue opportunities can be maximised.

Powerful historical reporting and analysis

Retain Insight allows you to quickly compare actual vs. planned hours across previous projects and dates. This helps to not only identify peaks and troughs within the organisation - it also improves estimations in project timescales and resource commitments for future projects.

Realise and resolve skill shortages

Retain Insight offers key information on trending and in-demand skills within the business, ensuring your resource pool is sufficiently skilled to deliver successful client projects. Our new visual workforce analytics platform provides powerful insight into skills shortages within your organisation to ensure supply and demand for skills is aligned.

Identify and resolve utilisation levels to maximise billable time

With Retain Insight, users can quickly pinpoint resources who are over, or under-utilised, improving operational efficiency across the business.