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Shape the future of your workforce.

The importance of accurately identifying evolving skill requirements and planning for them is critical to effectively compete in tomorrow’s talent marketplace.

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Is your workforce future-ready?

As organisations are under pressure to drive digital transformation, ensuring the right skills and competencies are in place are critical to being future-ready.

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Are your legal resource planning tools as effective as you need them to be?

Hiring a good lawyer is a big investment. It takes years of training and practice to attain the right skills and experience, and salary expectations are high – but a top-class legal mind can earn their firm millions through billable hours, or save a client ten times as much through shrewd advice.

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Are your resource planning tools as effective as you need them to be?

Sectors such as professional services, accountancy, architecture, engineering and law have one key thing in common: their business model is based on harnessing the skills of the people they employ to meet clients’ needs.

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Is inefficient resource utilisation hurting your bottom line?

In most sectors, and particularly in professional services, employees are the main cost and at the same time the main source of revenue. As a result, getting resource utilisation right really matters. Companies that can’t optimise the allocation of their human resources expose themselves to revenue risks.

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Dial up utilisation by up to 5%

Discover how Retain can help you get up to a 5% increase in utilisation

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