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Uniting technology and data

31 Jan 2014

Compare business of 25 years ago with how it is today. Today’s business essentials such as e-mail, the internet and cell phones were barely heard of in what today seems like a very manual age.

Now, business leaders are able to make much better informed decisions with access to a greater pool of data and information. Technology – in no small part – has allowed for this.

For small or new businesses, managing data pertaining to resources and projects may be manageable, but as a business grows so does the amount of data. With data comes excessive levels of admin (for someone). But now, this does not have to be such an accepted norm. Through automation of processes, managing client demands no longer has to play second fiddle to that of handling rafts of data. It therefore comes as little surprise that there is a proportional link between increased automation of processes and that of productivity.

Increasingly, businesses are looking towards resource planning tools to minimize the time it takes to schedule a project or assignment. After all, maximizing resource utilization and ensuring an efficient and well thought out allocation of projects/assignments is a key contributory factor behind business success.

Resource planning systems provide that technologically enhanced, centralized environment where data can be easily recorded and intelligent evaluations made. By having it centralized, the scheduler can avoid having multiple disconnected spreadsheets and databases. On a similar theme, many of the time consuming, cumbersome and labor intensive processes of before can be bypassed without the fear of duplicating effort.

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