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Retain Web Portal

09 Nov 2016

Retain Web Portal is a browser-based scheduling application that helps organisations lower costs and increase revenue by efficient planning of resources and projects.

Retain Web Portal presents the information in a clear, concise format offering a visual representation of workloads and availability against the resource.

Retain Web Portal software

  • Create and edit bookings with simple drag & drop functionality
  • View detailed information on resources, projects and bookings
  • Create and share multiple views
  • Plan and forecast provisional bookings
  • Bespoke, detailed reports
  • Web-based so users only require a browser and an internet connection
  • Assemble a team or request specific skills using the Team Requests module
  • Configurable access/security controls

Retain Web Portal can be used by any organisation that requires staff to view and amend bookings using a simple web browser interface. By adding supporting modules, you can extend and bespoke the functionality even further to tailor the system to your requirements.

  • Retain Wallchart – Fully featured, scalable scheduling application for detailed functionality and reporting
  • Calendar Link – Link to personal calendars for easy viewing
  • Retain Skills – A comprehensive skills information database for your resources allows for detailed search to find the correct skills for current and future projects
  • Retain Importer – Automatically link data from your existing content, eliminating duplicate data input
  • Retain Notifier – Email notification system to alert resources to bookings and amendments

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