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Resources Managing Their Skill Profile

31 Mar 2015

Our latest version of Retain Resource Planning just got better with the ability for resources to manage their skill profile as part of a workflow. Resource scheduling and talent management depend on resources’ skills being up-to-date for easy matching of staff with projects. This is why we now introduce a workflow where a staff member can add skills to their profile, select a proficiency level, and let their manager approve the addition.

Adding skills as resources get more experienced or receive training paints a more accurate portrait. By making this information available to planners, it simplifies the task of matching resources with project requirements.

This is how to process works: Alison just completed advanced IFRS accounting training. In Retain Resource Planning, she can select the relevant skill from the list and add it to her profile. Her manager Adam will then review the request and approve. It’s as simple as that. Adam could have also rejected the request and left a comment but in this case he has no reason to. Now Alison’s profile will appear in searches where someone with this particular skill is required.

This is Alison adding IFRS conversion to his profile.

Adding Skill IFRS

Alison can choose her proficiency level as well as industry focus:

Adding Skill profiency

Adam’s view: he reviews and accepts the update.

Adding Skill Manager View

This simple workflow is designed to empower Retain Resource Planning users to centralise the relevant information thus making the process of matching resources with projects easier.

Additionally, Retain Resource Planning comes with standard skills lists but you can easily add your own and customise to fit your requirements.

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