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Retain Skills

14 Dec 2016

Retain Skills is a powerful tool that allows for the integrated management of resource skills via a user-friendly and configurable skills matrix. Retain Skills also enables you to upload documents such as CVs and executive summaries, resulting in a fast and effective way to find the most appropriate resource for your projects.

With Retain Skills you can:

  • Find the most suitable person for the job based on skills, preferences and CVs - improving overall efficiency and staff satisfaction
  • Allow employees to manage their own skills and specify development needs, through a self-service interface
  • Organise training depending on your employee/ business requirements and aspirations by categorising skills into 'Achieved' and 'Wanted'

Skills Matrix
Retain Skills is built on two levels; the first allows your organisation to create a matrix of attributes which an individual can update based upon achieved and desired skill levels:

Retain Skills software

Document Searching
The second aspect of the Skills tool is the ability to store documents against individuals. Various formats are catered for (Word, Excel, Acrobat (pdf), etc.) and once a document is uploaded, it can be searched for key words or expressions.

Executive summaries or CVs tend to be updated more often than a skills matrix, and enable you to keep track of softer skills.

Let Retain Skills empower you to make better resourcing decisions

  • Combine multiple selection criteria to perform highly targeted searches
  • Store and search the content of CVs and other documents
  • Manage and control available skills within your organisation
  • Group and categorise skills for easy reference, optimising regular requirements
  • Manage skills and qualifications using an intuitive and configurable skills hierarchy

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