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Case Study: SpaceTec Partners

25 July 2018

Increasing Visibility, Efficiency and Operational Capacity

SpaceTec Partners is a strategy, management and communications consultancy group, operating in Munich and Brussels. Offering a broad array of services including strategy and technology consulting and interdisciplinary project management, SpaceTec Partners works with major public sector institutions including the European Space Agency, the European Parliament and numerous national ministries.

The Challenge

SpaceTec Partners faced difficulties keeping track of its resource availability, the skill sets of the resources and what projects they were attributed to. Without a resource planning system in place and with a growing team, this was becoming a complex and time consuming process to ensure projects had the correct resources scheduled to it.

The Solution

Having been recommended to use Retain International by a contact, SpaceTec Partners implemented Retain International’s Web Portal product. The Web Portal product is, as the name suggests, a web-based graphical scheduling system. Displaying information in a clear and concise interface, SpaceTec Partners can easily see the current allocations for all teams and projects. The powerful inbuilt reporting tool allows SpaceTec Partners to analyse utilisation rates and much more. SpaceTec Partners has been successfully using Retain to schedule the time of 17 resources for over two years.

The Benefits

  • Structured database to store key information
  • Clear visibility of availability
  • Automated reporting on effort and utilisation levels

“Retain International has provided a structured database that can keep track of several pertinent details and information about resources and jobs. It is a very powerful tool.”

Project Manager, SpaceTec Partners

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