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Presented in a traditional planning wallchart, resource bookings can be easily moved or duplicated. The resource planning software offers an instant view of the resource's availability over time. Colours and shapes allow the finer details and anticipated overbookings to be seen easily at a glance.

The Retain calendar planning tool includes a comprehensive reporting suite enabling the extraction of meaningful business information. Scenarios can be constructed along with ghost bookings to help foresee the impact of future resource planning choices.

The Retain project planning solution can be utilised as a Microsoft Windows platform, a web application, or both. The Retain resource planning mobile app also provides live access to time planning information on the go using a smartphone.

Retains workforce planning software combines project planning software and cloud planning software for effective resource management.

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Since 1992, Retain International has surpassed the resource planning needs of professional services organisations, industrial manufacturing companies and consulting firms. Today the Retain resource planning system is used daily in over 65 countries, ensuring hundreds of businesses are benefitting from optimal resource planning.

Fundamental to the success of Retain's resource planning applications is the unique practical approach to clients' needs combined with an innovative workforce and the early adoption of the latest technologies.

Retain's resource planner tool is trusted - among others - by the big four accounting institutions on a global scale.

Retain International's clients include:

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